Extrusion Division:

Rubber extrusions are the result of a simple mechanical operation, but creating a product able to satisfy the wishes of a customer I something completely different.
It means at first that one has to identify and understand the requirements coming from the customer and the application of the product. If furthermore requires a deep and complete knowledge of the raw materials and of their physical and chemical characteristics. It finally presuppose the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the most severe quality controls during the production and the sorting phase.

All this means EXTRUSION to us.

- Vending compounds

The manufacturing of tubes for vending applications and in general for food contact might be considered as the origin of our Extrusion Division. Due to this reason, during the years, we have developed a complete range of products to fulfil the special requirements coming from this market.
Additionally, we have developed two different families of silicone compounds which grant a complete absence of residuates, taste and smell, in conformity to the most severe standards and approved by most of the main manufacturers of Vending machines.

- Silicone Vending Perox

Silicone Vending Perox is a class of silicone rubber compounds individualized by inherent characteristics of alimentarity and by its own good resistance to aging in water based fluids even at high temperature. Silicone Vending Perox guarantees that the organoleptic properties of a fluid delivered by a tube of a fluid in contact with a seal made with such this compound remain unadulterated. Silicone Vending Perox represent the reliable and cost saving solution for the delivery of alimentary fluids and for every seal problem related with this field of application.

- Silicone Vending Platinum

Silicone Vending Platinum joints the above mentioned characteristics with an absolute absence o taste and smell, due to a vulcanization assisted by a platinum oxide catalizator.
Silicone Vending Platinum can be considered the best technical choice for a use with alimentary water based fluids.
Silicone Vending Perox and Silicone Vending Platinum are available in a wide range of hardness and colours

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