The choice of an item is not an accidental, rather a precise decision that follows exact technical and quality needing, as well as the specific function of the part.

For this reason, each item must be designed and extruded in order to carry out its function in the best way.

Sometimes our customers already have the idea of the solution suitable for its needing, but quite often the assistance of our technicians is very helpful because they can design and produce the item that perfectly meets each customer sealing specific demands.

Our strength is co-design and it is the step of our job that allows us to show our skill and competence in choosing and produce the elastomer that better fits your needing.

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Flexibility of our know-how is the key word to enter several application fields such as:

- Vending
- Medical Industry
- Lighting
- Electrical households Industry
- Wires
- Food and Beverage
- Automotive

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From Chemical , Petrochemical field,Rafineries , Engineerings, Valves manufacturers, to Alimentary, Vending, Household appliances and Lighting fields, up to Medical field with a big range of gaskets always complete and reliable.

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