Gaskets used with success in all industrial applications, very reliable, with features of high mechanical and heat resistance.
They are used in the oil sector, chemical and thermoelectric on heat exchangers and reactors. 

They consist of a metal part, usually stainless steel or special alloys, with concentric ribbing on both sides and on two surfaces covered by a layer of soft material (graphite, PTFE, asbestos-free, silver) that protects flanges from damage caused by the ribbing and allows the seal with a minimum load tightening. The wide interval of tightening force applied to the seal makes them particularly suitable for applications with fluctuating temperatures and pressures and less susceptible to assembly errors during the closure of the unit.

The ribbed gaskets are produced in different forms to meet the needs of the different applications and are coupled with flanges with the ribbing of areas of contact between 3.2 µm and 6.3 µm Ra. They are used for applications with pressure up to 250 bar and for temperatures up to 950°C, based on the type of coating used. If well used, after a thorough cleaning and after the application of a new surface coating the ribbed gaskets can be reused, thereby achieving significant savings.

Our production of  flat gaskets includes gaskets in asbestos-free materials, graphite, armed flat or grated graphite, PTFE, rubber and main types of elastomer.

The gaskets are made according to the main market standards or according to customer specifications. Circular, oval, shaped or with crosspieces, they can be made in a single piece or in sections without size limitation..

Tecnoservice Italia in recent years, always with the spirit of a complete range of products to meet all the needs of its customers, has introduced a new range of products targeted at new applications such as:
- thermal insulation
- acoustic insulation
- caulking

The areas of greatest use are:
- vending         
- air conditioning
- coffee machines
- autoclaves
- boilers
- ceilings

With that said, we can offer several solutions in the field of expanded materials by offering a wide range of products:
- expanded NBR
- Crosslinked polyethylene in different variants:
a) adhesivized
b) with metal coating
c) coated with aluminium film
Expanded silicone, both adhesive and non-adhesive
- expanded EPDM
a) adhesivized
b) crosslinked
c) without adhesivization
- expanded and semi-expanded PVC
- Closed cell or semi-closed cell materials

Even in this case it is sufficient to send files in DXF format in order to directly proceed with the production of particular requests.

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